Saturday, June 18, 2011

Estimated future monthly expenses

My average monthly expenses is around $300-$400 currently. However, expenses will definitely increase by a few folds after i graduate and start working full time. In addition, I would be giving my parents monthly allowance which will most probably be $400($200 each). The following is a breakdown of my estimated future monthly expenses.

Parents allowance : $400
Handphone bill: $50
Internet bill: $50
Transport: $100
Miscellaneous(food, entertainment, etc) : $600

Total: $1,200

My estimated total expenses would be approximately $1,200. Given that my estimated starting pay is around $2,800, the take home amount is $2,240(after CPF). Therefore, I would be able to save about $1,000 per month. If my girlfriend save the same amount and we both save our 13th month bonus as well, we would be able to save a total of $28,480 per year. After 3 years of working full time and assuming no pay increment/promotion for both of us, we would have saved up $85,440. Adding in the $70,000 that I aim to accumulate upon graduation, net worth would be $155,440(excluding CPF OA). By then, it would probably be time for marriage.