Sunday, July 29, 2012

Next step: Sell commodities, Buy Biosensors

The first investment decision I made in my life was to invest $15,000 in a commodities fund back in 2007. It was a bad decision as I lacked investment knowledge and was unaware of the charges involved. My next step is to cut loss and sell the fund once its value reaches $13,000.

Also, Biosensors meets all the requirements stated in my previous post - Stockpiling Strategy by Phil Town. It is also about 40% below its sticker price, offering a substantial margin of safety. Biosensors seems undervalued with strong earnings growth and a healthy balance sheet. Current price is near its 52 week low and PE is much lower than industry and sector average. The company has low debt and flushed with cash. The recent price correction is due to pricing pressures in China and Japan and ASP drop in stent. One drawback of this stock is that it does not pay dividends. In my opinion, the potential capital gain outweighs the dividends and it might pay dividends in future as Biosensors is still in the expansion phase. I will monitor the next few days and probably buy 3 lots of Biosensors at a target price of $1.18.