Sunday, October 28, 2012

Telephone Interview Update

I think I did quite well for the telephone interview as I was quite well prepared. Here are the questions posed to me :

Tell me about yourself 
Why are you suitable for this role?
Describe an event where you showcased your integrity
Describe an event where you encountered a communication conflict and how did you resolve it?
What is the most challenging task that you have done to date?
What is the most challenging module that you have done? Why is it challenging? Did you like this module?
Do you work well in a team? How do you usually contribute to your team? Give an example where you contributed to your team and what did you learn from it?

As you can see, the telephone interview made up of mostly competency questions. It took about 25 minutes in total and the outcome of the interview will be released by the end of next week. 

Meanwhile, another bank has invited me to take their psychometric test.

We have reviewed your details against our recruitment criteria and would like to invite you to participate in the next stage of our selection process, which will be a psychometric test designed to look for key behaviours essential to the position that you have applied for.    

I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to advance to the next stage of the selection process as my friend who has a higher GPA than me got rejected by this same bank.

This coming week will be extremely hectic and I might not have the time to apply for more jobs. By the end of this year, I aim to secure a full time job and reach the $60,000 mark for my net worth.