Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Update On My Job Applications

As mentioned in my previous post, application windows for graduate programs in 2013 are now open and I completed another 2 applications today. There are so many graduate programs out there and I am determined to find and apply for every one of them. Countless years of education and hard work all boil down to this crucial period. My aim is to complete at least 50 applications by the end of this month.

So far, these are the companies that I have applied for:

Also, one effective way of searching for graduate programs is through Linkedin. I can simply google 'Graduate Program Linkedin' and a list of Linkedin users with the term 'Graduate Program' in their profile will appear in the search results. I will then screen through the different graduate programs, compile them into a list and start applying. I will apply for another 2 positions tomorrow and update my status again next week.