Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back To The Carefree Life

Exams are finally over and the December holidays have just started. I am officially a "Man Of Leisure" till 7 January 2013. This will be my last school holiday and I will be graduating middle of next year.

The reason why I am feeling so carefree now is because the problems that I have been worrying about for the past few months are all cleared :
  • ICT deferment approved
  • All bursaries granted. Total amount = $5500
  • Invited to final interview for full time job in 2013
  • Request for higher HDB Additional Housing Grant approved. Signed my Agreement For Lease.
  • CFA Scholarship awarded
Besides growing my net worth, there is nothing left for me to anticipate or work towards. With so much time on my hands, I shall reread some of my books on investments, research on some SGX listed companies and prepare for my final interview in January.

Also, I will be liquidating my SingPost and STI ETF shares so that I will have enough cash to take advantage of the next market correction.