Sunday, June 16, 2013

100,000 Page Views !!!

$1Million Personal Financial Diary has hit a major milestone : 100,000 total page views. It has taken slightly more than 3 years, but we're finally here, and it's worth a blog post because I owe it all to you readers.

Three years back, I started this blog to detail my process of accumulating wealth and eventually achieve financial freedom. I also shared many of the milestones in my life such as balloting for a HDB flat, achieving my first target of $70,000 before age 25, getting my first job, etc. It has been a fulfilling three years as I have learnt a great deal from reading my blog comments and other financial blogs.

I will continue posting monthly net worth updates promptly and share my investment thoughts and actions. My next net worth target is $200,000 by December 2016 (age 28). Many people have casted doubts on this goal but I personally feel that it is achievable. Continue to follow me on my journey to achieve/exceed the net worth targets I set for myself and I wish you the best in your financial journey.